Woman Fined $500 For Being In Possession Of An Apple

Photo: Serg_Velusceac (Getty Images)

An apple a day will keep the doctor away. But it will also make you dig into your pockets and pull out $500.

According to UPI, a Colorado woman named Crystal Tadlock was on a flight from Paris back home to Denver on a Delta Airlines flight when staff decided to hand out apples as an in-flight snack. Tadlock saved her apple for later and stored it in her purse. Well, that turned out to be a big mistake because as soon as she landed on U.S. grounds, customs agent said she broke a customs rule by not declaring the free fruit, even though it was still wrapped in Delta packaging.

“He had asked me if my trip to France was expensive and I said, ‘yeah.’ I didn’t really get why he was asking that question, and then he said ‘It’s about to get a lot more expensive after I charge you $500,'” Tadlock told Fox 31-TV. “It’s really unfortunate someone has to go through that and be treated like a criminal over a piece of fruit.”

Delta Airlines is not taking blame for this as they say that food given to you on flight is “given with the intention you consume it on board.” Then again, they should have made that clear on board.

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But now Delta isn’t taking care of the fee and Tadlock is stuck having to pay it. So this is just more proof that people should stay away from accepting an apple from anyone. Hell, Disney warned us about this in Snow White.