Ranking Airlines From Our Favorites To The Biggest Nightmares (And Why)

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Flying is an honor and a privilege and has been ever since the Wright brothers nearly killed themselves getting those wings off the ground. Don’t worry though, they died of typhoid and heart attacks. And in honor of that, we’d like to provide you with some the best, quick and honest and, most importantly, brief and to-the-point reviews on the top 10 most popular U.S. airlines of our somewhat friendly skies.

While we didn’t do a 5-star system for grading in-flight entertainment, ground service, customer services in times of cancellations, dependability of flights and flight arrival times, how hot the women who are working, how drunk the dudes who are flying and any other number of hiccups or perks of air travel, we did, however, make this neat slideshow. Below, you’ll see we get down to brass tacks on the best parts of each airline (or the things we simply cannot ignore), but luckily for you, we ranked our airlines, starting from our favorites on down to our biggest nightmares. One thing is for sure: It’s a bad year to be a couple airlines.

Now remember that the slideshow below kicks off with what we believe is the best airline, and you keep clicking you will learn which we believe is the worst.

Ranking Airlines From Our Favorites To The Biggest Nightmares

And now, the choice is yours. Safe travels. Oh, and keep your  shoes on.

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