Bear Takes Swipe At Idiot Chasing Him On A Snowmobile

Photo: Byrdyak (Getty Images)

Bears are fascinating animals. But it’s best to enjoy them on a documentary or from a distance so as to not bother them. It’s not a smart move to hop on a snowmobile and chase them like the major idiots in the video below.

The video, taken in Russia’s Kuril Islands and shared on YouTube, shows a bunch of tools trying to chase a bear away from their fishing camp. One of the snowmobilers gets too close, though, which leads the brown bear to take a swipe at his face, barely missing him.

Take a look at it below:

I can’t be the only one who wishes the bear hadn’t missed, right?

People on YouTube obviously were bashing these turds left and right:

Screengrab: YouTube

Screengrab: YouTube

Screengrab: YouTube

Screengrab: YouTube

According to Siberian Times, here’s what Deputy Minister of Forestry and Hunting, Danila Dudarev had to say about this incident:

‘This bear is not dangerous. It has woken and is looking for food. The beginning of spring is quite a stress for the animals and people who chase a bear like this are acting unethically. This is the outrageous, unconscious behavior of adults who, in pursuit of beautiful footage, for the sake of entertainment, chase the wild beast. 

Getting in contact with the bear, they do everything to make the predator lose fear of people. In future, this animal can throw out aggression on someone who will not be able to leave on a snowmobile. In April and May, bears go out from their dens. They are not dangerous, if people do not tease or chase after them.”

Authorities did find the folks in the video, but cannot charge them with anything.

And this ladies and gentlemen is more proof that animals are way better than humans.