LAPD Cracks Down On More Than $700K Worth Of Fake Cosmetics Made Of ‘Bacteria And Human Waste’

Photo: wakila (Getty Images)

Some cosmetics will leave their users with bumps and rashes simply because the people had allergies that were unbeknownst to them. Others will get those same bumps and rashes because the products they’re using are made from human poop.

This is obviously a story about those cosmetics.

According to ABC 7, officers with the LAPD seized more than $700,000 worth of fake cosmetics after they raided 21 different locations in downtown’s Fashion District last week, and of course, some of those products were found to contain “bacteria and human waste.”

“The best price is not always the best deal!” LAPD Capt. Marc Reina wrote on Twitter Thursday night.

Just how did the LAPD task force know which joints to raid? You guessed it – consumers who bought the products from the 21 locations called the real cosmetics companies to complain that their products left bumps and rashes all over their faces, and those cosmetics companies then contacted police.

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An undercover team then bought products from the downtown stores and had them tested. Some of the products came back with a “high level of bacteria and animal feces” while others came back with traces of human waste.

Just how is that possible?

“Those feces will just basically somehow get mixed into the product they’re manufacturing in their garage or in their bathroom – wherever they’re manufacturing this stuff,” Det. Rick Ishitani said.

And let’s be honest. That’s just gross. Never before have I been as happy as I am now that I don’t wear makeup.