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Plumber Tackles ‘Volcano Of Poo’ (Gross Photo)

Photo: no_limit_pictures (Getty Images)

My advice to you is to not eat while reading this article. And that’s mainly because there’s a lot of crap here. Literally.

I really commend people who work cleaning up after others. I seriously do. From janitors to sanitation works to plumbers, these are not easy jobs, and plumber Steven Wolf is once again reminding us all of this fact. According to Daily Star, the 49-year-old plumber was recently called to a location that featured, in his words, a “volcano of poo.”

The Kent-based man thought he was headed for a typical plumbing job at a woman’s basement apartment. Well it was far from typical as Wolf walked into hell. Wolf shared a photo of the woman’s bathroom on Facebook and it went viral.

Check out the photo below, but heads up: it’s pretty damn disgusting.

Photo: Facebook/Argyle Drains

Holy hell.

Wolf revealed that the woman who lived at the property returned home from vacation to find it drowning in crap. She then proceeded to call Argyle Drains and pleaded for help. As one does when poop has taken over their residence.

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“I was a cleaner 30 years ago, so the smell doesn’t faze me, Wolf said. “But when I got home my wife wasn’t happy. It smelt so awful she made me sit naked in the porch, she wouldn’t let me in the house. One of my guys was gagging and retching when we first showed up to the job.”

So how the hell did this happen? Well according to Wolf, this was caused by the draining from the apartments above bypassing a blockage and, instead, pouring out of this lady’s toilet. So yes, not all this crap was hers.

The bathroom took “three hours of rubber gloves and hard work” to get it back to looking good again, even though “the poo was under the carpet…”

And yet, Wold was super satisfied after the job was done. It’s pretty clear this guy enjoys his job. But anytime you feel tired of your job, just know that you could be cleaning up someone’s shit instead.


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