Janitor Confronts 3 Thieves Stealing TV, Knocks One Out

Photo: AndreyPopov (Getty)

Not only do janitors pickup after you, but they also handle thieves when they need to. Well, at least the janitor in the video below did just that.

While we don’t know a ton about this video making the rounds on LiveLeak, we do know that it occurred in good old Brazil. We also know that a janitor happened to run into three thieves stealing a television — most likely his television. So it makes sense as to why the janitor decided to act the way he did. You know, by punching one thief in the face and making the other two idiots stay there until police arrived.

Take a look at the video below:

Man, that one thief went down pretty hard. Hell, the other thief even put down the television pretty gently. These thieves clearly don’t watch The Simpsons — if they did they would know you don’t mess with a janitor (or a groundskeeper).

No update on what happened to these three thieves but I’m going to assume they are behind bars in Brazil. Not the place you want to be.

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