Man seen from behind driving a car on a road with a truck in front

Driver Who Stopped In The Middle Of A Highway Might Be The Worst Person On Earth

Photo: simonmayer (Getty Images)

The term “asshole” gets thrown around on a frequent basis here at Mandatory, but we’re going to refrain from using it this time around because in all honesty, we would be doing the word a disservice. This motorist is much worse than that.

According to Jalopnik, a driver in China recently thought it would be a good idea to stop in the middle of a freeway because he or she missed an exit.

It was not.

Watch as this idiot is cruising down the left lane but then suddenly realizes his or her exit is to the far right and comes to an abrupt stop instead of driving a mile or two down the road, exiting there and then coming back to where he or she needed to be.

Of course, just stopping in the middle of a freeway doesn’t make this driver the worst person on the planet. I mean, hey, that alone would put him or her near the top of the list, but what seals the deal for this turd is that he or she, after watching his or her own stupidity result in some serious damage to two big rigs, just decides to continue to head toward the exit and then drive off instead of stopping to see if anybody needs medical attention.

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Thankfully, police later caught up with this prick, but it’s unknown what kind of penalty or fine the driver will face as a result of his or her shitdickery. Personally, I don’t think it’s out of the question to take away the driver’s eyes or brain. I mean, let’s be honest. It’s not like he or she is using them anyway.