Reporter Arrested After Punching Fellow Reporter At Brewers Game

Photo: fakezzz (Getty Images)

This may be one of the few times we ever mention anything that occurs at a Brewers game, so you better pull your chair up and listen up because this one is a doozy.

According to Deadspin, a Milwaukee television reporter named A.J. Bayatpour was recently arrested on battery charges after he punched a fellow reporter and “caused a significant injury.”

According to the police report, Bayatpour, who works for FOX affiliate WITI Channel 6, was “ridiculing” one of his coworkers, Madeline Anderson, who is dating Ben Jordan. Jordan, who works for NBC affiliate WTMJ Channel 4, stepped in to stand up for his lady and that’s when Bayatpour punched him.

Screengrab: Police Report

Neither reporter was attending the Brewers game versus the Cubs for work before they tangled up in a good old fashion reporter fight.

Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

Bayatpour has since been released on bail, but there is no word yet if the feisty reporter will keep his job. If he doesn’t, at least we will always have this screengrab:

Screengrab: WITI