One Alabama Town Is Suing To Stop Out-Of-State Poop So The Train Hauling It Is Stuck In Another Town

Photo: lenanet (Getty Images)

51 years after man supposedly walked on the moon, they’re still loading trains with human poop and sending them to Alabama.

According to WVTM, the town where many of those train cars end up is fed up with the “obnoxious odor and an increase in flies,” and they’re now taking legal action to get that shit out of here. Literally.

Big Sky Environmental has allegedly been taking in human waste from the Northeast and storing it at their landfill in Adamsville for quite some time now, and the town of West Jefferson hopes that the lawsuit they’re bringing forth will result in the company’s permit getting revoked and eventually an end to the stench of human poop.

“When it’s used in a manner like bringing in this sewer sludge from New Jersey and New York that creates this – the only way to describe it is an obnoxious odor – it’s inconsistent and the citizens that live in that area, including the citizens of West Jefferson, are harmed by it,” West Jefferson’s lawyer Mark Parnell said.

Parnell said that the town of West Jefferson has tried to work with Big Sky Environmental in the past, but they were unable to come up with a solution that benefited both parties.

But just when you thought the story couldn’t get any crazier, enter the fine folks of Parrish, another small Alabama town approximately 17 miles northwest of West Jefferson. Their problem? You guessed it – the most recent train of shit that was supposed to wind up in West Jefferson has been stuck in Parrish because of the lawsuit, and it turns out they don’t much care for the poop stank either.

“It greatly reduces the quality of life,” mayor Heather Hall said. “You can’t sit out on your porch. Kids can’t go outside and play, and God help us if it gets hot and this material is still out here.”

Unfortunately for Hall and her constituents, it appears as though God gave up on Alabama a long time ago.

And while we feel for the residents and their shitty situation, it’s hard not to laugh at this Twitter user’s reaction to all of this: