Teens Cause $15K Worth Of Damage During Rave At Airbnb That 14-Year-Old Rented Using Parents Credit Card

Photo: sturt (Getty)

So what happens when a 14-year-old brat gets her hands on her parents’ credit card? Well an insane, ‘uncontrolled’ house party occurs. And that was just the start of the chaos that occurred in Vancouver.

The 14-year-old happened to rent a $6 million Airbnb house for a night using her folks’ credit card. And that’s when about 200 teens showed up for a rave because that sort of thing still exist. In the end $15,000 worth of damage was done. Here’s what Constable Jeff Palmer of West Vancouver police had to say about the crazy party:

“We were receiving multiple calls … reporting a large scale disturbance. Officers attending had basically swarms of teenagers leaving the house…Among all the damage, there were a number of containers indicating that alcohol had certainly been a part of the gathering.”

Photo: The ‘party’ house (Google)

Daily Mail

The value of the walls, furniture and artwork damaged from the party is about $20,000 Canadian – $15,000 US – according to police. Police said the family of the teen who organized the party has agreed to pay for the damage. The homeowner is not seeking any criminal charges against the teen or her family.

‘The damage is some smashed artwork, furniture that was smashed, walls kicked in, furniture and other articles tossed off a balcony into a hot tub, very extensive damage that would take some effort to clean up, let alone repair,’ Con Palmer said.

You read that right. The family of the teen girl who stole the credit card has agreed to pay for the damages instead of driving their daughter to the woods and leaving her there like they did to Haley Joel Osment in A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

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Palmer says there are plenty of lessons to go around:

“In terms of young people thinking it might be a good idea to have a party at any place where it could be difficult to control who shows up… to a parent who would want to review how much access to and control of banking information their teenager has.”

In conclusion: don’t have kids or eventually they will steal your money and you’ll end up suing them on a TV judge show.