California Woman Acted As A Dentist In Her Living Room While Patients Sat In Her Armchair

Photo: M_a_y_a (Getty)

Let’s be honest. If you voluntarily signed up for a root canal to be performed in an unlicensed dentist’s living room, making solid life choices just hasn’t been your forte.

According to the Daily Mail, a 58-year-old Los Angeles woman pleaded guilty to battery likely to produce serious bodily injury Tuesday afternoon after police discovered late last year that she was basically running an illegal dentist’s office in the comfort of her own living room.

Photo: Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office

Authorities said Clara Medina performed everything from a simple toothache fix to a root canal while her “patients” sat in her living room armchair. The patient who received treatment for a toothache went to see Medina based on the recommendations of coworkers who had also seen her for light dentistry work and made it out of her living room unscathed.

Photo: Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office

The same can’t be said about the poor bastard who had Medina perform a root canal on him, as he was left with some rather serious injuries and had to be treated at a hospital by someone who knew what the fuck they were doing.

If you have any aspirations of becoming an unlicensed dentist, the good news is that you’ll only get slapped with three years probation and community service if you plead guilty. Hey, the more you know.

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