Meth Trafficker Busted Wearing Anti-Drug T-Shirt

Photo: Anacleto Rapping/Los Angeles Times (Getty).

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Other times, it’s just stupider.

We’re not exactly sure what the game plan was regarding 48-year-old Michigan man Jeffrey Elton Schmiege when he was arrested for “large quantities of crystal meth, prescription medication, marijuana, a firearm, and ammunition” in Ironwood last year. Was he truly being ironic? Hiding in plain sight? Perhaps it was just laundry day at the meth lab. Whatever the reasoning, it made for a truly memorable mug shot.

meth trafficker anti-drug shirt

Gogebic County Sheriff’s Office

This is a mockery of everything the stuffed lion I won in grade school for my anti-drug essay stands for. But more than that, it’s hilarious.

On an unexpected note, Schmiege wised up and pleaded guilty to the three counts he was charged with in Gogebic County Circuit Court, receiving 15 to 30 years for delivery/manufacture of meth, another 15 to 30 for a second count of delivery/manufacture, and 2 to 3 years for maintaining a drug house. It turns out he was the ringleader of a group bringing meth from Minnesota into Gogebic County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In fact, seven others were arrested after a three month investigation into his crimes.

What comes as no surprise is Schmiege’s lengthy rap sheet, which includes nine prior felony and six misdemeanor arrests. To end things on a positive note, there’s a last time for everything.

…OK, that statement is only positive in this particular case. Stay in school and away from drugs, kids (and adults).

h/t WLUC

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