Sylvester Stallone Tweets About His Hot ‘Bombshell’ Daughters And Weirds Twitter Out

Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

We all know that Sylvester Stallone has some hot daughters. And we’ve written about them before, too. We told all of you folks of one of Sly’s hot daughters named Sophia Rose, and we also told you about his other hot daughter, Sistine. And it’s fine that we talk about them. What’s not fine? When Sly himself decides to tweet a news article about his ‘bombshell’ daughters. Yet, that’s just odd.

The news article was written by Daily Star, and shows ‘sizzling snaps’ of daughters Sophia and Sistine. The Daily Star also anoints them ‘Instagram Babe of the Week.’ Again, that’s all fine and dandy because they are hot. But Sly, dude, you can’t tweet that out.

Update: Sly of course took it down, but we took a screengrab of it beforehand:

Screengrab: Twitter


Listen, I love Sly and his awesome movies. And it’s clear he’s super proud of his daughters. But maybe don’t tweet that? Because Twitter was freaked out by all of this. Just check out some of the reactions:

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