Here’s A Video Of A 15-Foot Python Regurgitating A Rooster

python in action. Photo: thomas_pj (Getty).

I love me some chicken wings and drumsticks. Throw some barbecue or hot sauce on those things and you can pretty much guarantee that I’m ruining any t-shirt I’m wearing. Like a baby in a highchair, I’m a complete mess when it comes to throwing down wings. However, sometimes I eat too damn much and — especially when accompanied by improperly poured beers — it all comes out the way it came in, ruining the night as much as my shirt.

As disgusting as that might sound, I don’t hold a candle to a hungry snake that eats an entire rooster that’s larger than its appetite.

Here’s A Video Of A 15-Foot Python Regurgitating A Rooster

A farmer in Thailand woke up one morning and discovered his rooster was missing. He looked around in places he typically frequents, but to no avail. Then he saw a huge python with a beer belly, and that pretty much solved the case of his missing chicken.

First being aware that some of his roosters were missing, Nut Watana, the farmer, said, “I didn’t hear the sound of the two cocks in the morning so I went to look for them.”

Two cocks in the morning, you say?

The snake ate the bird and wranglers forced it to cough up the remains. As you can see in the video, the rooster was covered in slime. Also, if you’re holding down your meal after watching this. then kudos.

As for ill will towards the snake, Wattana said he feels none and there’s no beef, explaining, “I forgive the snake because it was just their natural instinct.”

Now that we got through that, who’s down for some wings? Anyone? No? OK.

h/t Mirror

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