9 Necessary Ground Rules For Insufferable Uber Drivers

Photo: Drazen_ (Getty)

Let’s face it, Uber drivers (and ride shares of all wheels of life) need some necessary ground rules, and we need to enforce these rules if we’re all going to continue to coexist. For example, if you’re learning how to use a smartphone while driving your Uber, maybe you shouldn’t be driving one.

Personally, I cannot get along with certain kinds of people, and I think we can all agree, a little fine-tuning of our insufferable Uber drivers is long overdue. That goes for you, too, Lyft. Welcome to 2018, a time when I don’t have to talk to a stranger or listen to their shitty music if I don’t want to.

That said, if the drivers can follow these 9 very simple ground rules, I will be willing to follow some of theirs, which may include simple rules such as “Don’t Puke in My Backseat” or “please stop yelling obscenities out the window.”

Check out these 9 necessary ground rules, then let us know if we left anything out, fellow Uber riders. It’s a brand new day!

Ground Rules For Insufferable Uber Drivers

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