Texas Couple Busted Having Sex ‘Really Fast’ In A Movie Theater

Photo: Lisa-Blue (Getty)

Hey, if you’re going to be overcharged for movie tickets, you may as well take advantage of your time there.

Employees at the Santikos Casa Blaca theater in San Antonio probably didn’t expect to bust a couple having full-on sex, but that’s exactly what they ran into when they caught 39-year-old Melissa Feist-McCuistion shacking it up with 40-year-old Adam Emmet Lee in theatre 13 at around midnight.

The employee who caught them quickly told his manager, and when he returned he saw Feist-McCuistion  on top of Lee – and the horny couple were having sex “really fast.” The couple was nude save for a small blanket, Bexar County deputies said.

Photo: Bexar County Jail

Daily Mail

The manager then told the pair to stop their saucy act, at which point the surprised couple ‘stood there for a long time’ before putting their clothes back on. Deputies asked the manage whether he saw the alleged offenders’ genitals, but he said he didn’t.

However, he said, “we could see that their clothing was off and they were trying really hard to cover themselves with a small blanket that they had!”

The couple was arrested, and Lee admitted to his movie romp with his gal.

“Yah man, I should have known better… was stupid on my part,” Lee told cops, according to My San Antonio. “We were just having a little fun!”

Both Feist-McCuistion and Lee were charged with public lewdness. And now the question still remains: what movie were they watching?

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