North Carolina Woman Wins Lottery Twice In One Day

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

A Granite Falls woman named Michelle Shuffler, must have thrown a couple of bags of coins in a nearby fountain because she happened to hit the jackpot twice in one day. The first time around Shuffler won $10,000 with one scratch-off ticket.

“I was in complete disbelief,” Shuffler said. “I still am.” Later that night, Shuffler and her husband decided to get another scratch-off ticket. “We saw that the game had a million dollar prize,” Shuffler said. “So we decided, ‘Why not try to beat the odds again?’”

And guess what? Shuffler won again, this time reeling in $1 million.

North Carolina Woman Wins Lottery Twice In One Day

Photo: North Carolina Education Lottery


“It’s quite astonishing,” Shuffler said. “It’s a miracle!”

Shuffler claimed both prizes in Raleigh, but decided to choose the option of 20 annual payments of $50,000 over the lump sum option. Shuffler reveals that she will be using the winnings to save for retirement and for her children’s college funds.

And now I’m headed to Dollar Tree to buy my loved ones Christmas gifts.

h/t The Morning Call

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