And Here’s A Couple Who Was Arrested After Trying To Seduce Their Babysitter

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Justin and Crystal Robinson, ages 33 and 35, decided they would leave their kid (or kids) with two babysitters in order to enjoy a night out in Wisconsin. And that’s all fine and dandy. What’s not fine and dandy is that Justin and Crystal arrived back home pretty drunk and high. That’s not all. The couple then both walked around naked and tried to seduce one of the babysitters, a 15-year-old girl.

The couple was arrested after one of the girls called her mother, who reached out to police. And that’s when even more details came out. The girls say that after the couple stripped down, Crystal offered them weed. One of the girls also reveals that Justin “sat down on her lap area while he was naked.”

Photo: Racine Country Sheriff

Daily Mail

The same girl says the couple tried to lure her into a basement bedroom. She later told cops she “believed that if she got into bed that Crystal and Justin would rape her.” When the cops showed up at the home, they rescued the girls and interviewed the couple.

Justin ‘denied inviting the babysitter downstairs, agreed there would be no reason for her to lie, and stated he drank around 12-15 beers,’ according to the criminal complaint. Cops executed a search warrant and found  marijuana, drug paraphernalia, drug packaging materials and nearly $600 in cash.

Crystal reportedly admitted to cops that she sells drugs. They also found several firearms in the home, many of them loaded. One of the guns was an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle.

So it’s pretty clear both of these people are garbage human beings. Justin and Crystal were arrested on multiple charges including exposing intimate parts, child enticement, reckless endangering safety, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to deliver or manufacture THC and maintaining a drug trafficking place.


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