Hot Australian Lawyer Wakes Up To Find $19 Million In Bank Account

Photo: AMC

It would be nice to wake up to this in my bank account instead of the usual negative number.

A Sydney woman named Clare Wainwright got quite the wakeup call when she discovered $19 million ($24.5 million AUD) in her bank account. That’s right, folks. It all kicked off in September, when the lawyer received a letter from the National Australia Bank informing her that a direct debit for loan repayments had been set up. And Wainwright asked for a $1,900 loan. Not the millions of dollars she got.

Hot Australian Lawyer Wakes Up To Find $19 Million In Bank Account

Photo: Facebook/Clare Wainwright

Check out the photo that Wainwright shared on her Facebook, a photo of the transaction online that shows how much money she has in Australian dollars.

Wainwright decided to be a good person and reach out to the banks about the error, but despite that the huge amount of money still remains in her bank account.

Here’s what Wainwright told Fairfax Media:

“I’m a lawyer, which is why I haven’t spent the money. Mostly because I figured it wouldn’t play out that well trying to play dumb on that.

I saw it and I thought ‘Oh my gosh, it’s [19] mil’ and I laughed. I showed my broker and he said ‘Oh god, I’ll get them to fix it.’”

Wait, she hasn’t spent the money because she’s a lawyer? Ha, good one, lawyers are all about stealing money.

The broker was told that they would be in touch in three business days, so for now the money remains in Wainwright’s account.

h/t NY Post

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