Elderly Malaysian ‘Magic Man’ Accidentally Steams Himself To Death

Photo: Eetum (Getty)

Hopefully nobody wished him luck by saying, “Hope this trick kills, brah.”

According to Amoré, a 68-year-old self-proclaimed “magic man” attempting to perform a human steaming ritual Monday night to “cleanse his body and soul” wound up steaming himself to death instead.

Authorities said Lim Ba “sat on a large wok for around 30 minutes with fire underneath” at a Chinese temple in the small Malaysian village of Kuala Sanglang Monday night. The cover was removed after people heard knocks coming from inside, and that’s when they found Lim Ba unconscious but convulsing from the extreme heat.

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Sadly, Lim Ba passed away from heart failure and severe second-degree burns a short while later, leaving both his “devotees” and audience members in a state of disbelief. After all, given the fact that his daughter said the longest time he had spent in the steamer was 75 minutes, 30 minutes should have been a walk in the park.

Despite objections from his family members, Lim Ba reportedly had been steaming himself for more than 10 years before Monday’s fateful session. If you’re one of those family members, now is not a good time for an “I told you so.”

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