10 Firefighters Spent 6 Hours Trying To Remove A Ring From A Dude’s Penis

Photo: ReaganKnotts (Getty)

Many young men and women have dreams of becoming firefighters in order to fight fires and rescue people from danger. But something tells me that the majority of those young and women don’t want to become firefighters in order to help a dude get a penis ring off. Well, that’s exactly what happened recently in England.

A team of ten firefighters recently showed up to assist a man after a sex act gone wrong. That sex act? A penis ring became stuck on that dude’s junk. Firefighters were called after doctors and nurses at Ipswich Hospital, Suffolk, tried to remove the ring with lube but failed. After firefighters used hydraulic equipment to remove the ring but also failed, a second team of firefighters showed up to cut the man loose.

Here’s what a spokesman had to say about the ordeal:

“Fire crews were called for assistance by the East of England Ambulance Service. They attended Ipswich Hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning and removed a large ring from the base of a man’s penis. It was finally cut off with the a small piece of cutting equipment.. We cannot give any other details.”

It is not known if the unidentified man needed medical assistance but something tells me he won’t be getting his penis near a ring anytime soon. Perhaps he’ll stick to a good old sex doll from now on.

h/t Metro

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