Dude Sues United Airlines After Passenger Pees On Him During Flight

Photo: frontpoint (Getty)

United Airlines is an absolute joke of an airline. When they aren’t killing giant rabbits on their flight, they are dragging passengers off flights. And when they aren’t doing they are dealing with groping allegations. They are awful. And this story is more proof of that.

A New Jersey man named Daniel Card is suing the airline and seeking unspecific damages after he was forced to sit in his pee-soaked clothes after another passenger peed on him during the flight. This coming after Card says the airline allowed the man, who was clearly drunk, to board the plane.

Dude Sues United Airlines After Passenger Pees On Him During Flight

Photo: Facebook/Daniel Card, the pee victim.

Photo: Facebook/Daniel Card, the pee victim.

“There’s no way they didn’t know he was intoxicated,” Card told the Daily News. “They were told.”

NY Daily News

As flight 1871 was heading down the runway, the unnamed passenger took out his penis, aimed it at Card, and urinated on his leg, the suit filed Oct. 11 says. Card, from Pequannock, says he was initially blocked from moving seats despite being soaked. Before landing in Newark Liberty International, Card reached out to his father, who called the cops to notify them what happened.

But the urinating passenger denied remembering anything that happened when he was interviewed by police, the suit says. The passenger did tell authorities that he drank at least four rum and cokes at Los Angeles International Airport before boarding the flight, the complaint says.

So what did Card get for his troubles? Just a voucher for another flight and to cover the cost of cleaning his clothes.

United Airlines has not commented yet as they are investigating. What’s to investigate? Some poor dude got peed on on your garbage flight from LA to Jersey

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