Despicable Woman Freaks Out Over Veteran’s Service Dog In Restaurant

Service dog. Photo: andresr (Getty).

If you’re a big fan of screaming, hysterical women who won’t let reasonable, calm people get a word in edgewise, we may have found the perfect video for you. If not, then may we recommend you turn your volume down now. In fact, we’d probably still suggest that regardless.

Usually, when people are recorded melting down in public, they’re caught spewing awful, racist garbage from their faces. Well, the woman in the video below certainly fits the “awful” and “garbage” categories, only she’s swapped racism for…whatever you call it when people flip out over service dogs for veterans. Just so we’re clear right out of the gate, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) describes a service animal as one who is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.

Veteran’s Service Dog In Restaurant Prompts Freakout From Despicable Woman

The incident took place in Delaware at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant over the weekend, and was uploaded to YouTube by the restaurant’s owner R.J. Wisowaty. As you’ve now seen, the situation escalated when a patron merely pointed out that the dog which cased the outrage belonged to a veteran who fought for our country so uppity, classless wastes of life such as herself could get away with such atrocities in public (OK, we added that second part, but you get the idea).

Of course, even though most would say that the folks in the restaurant were fully justified to call this woman out on her awfulness, Kathy’s still issued an apology for the unfortunate mishap, using it as an opportunity to educate folks on service animals laws by sponsoring a fundraising effort for veterans.

The post reads:

We would like to express at this time how sorry we are over the embarrassing turn of events that occurred earlier this week in our restaurant, here in Delaware City.

It is unfortunate that some of the public are not familiar with federal regulations regarding service animals, which, in fact, do permit service animals into establishments such as grocery stores, public buildings and restaurants, giving aid and comfort to their masters in their time of need.

That being said, we would like to take what may have been perceived as a negative incident and turn this into a positive opportunity, by educating and enlightening the public about the role of service animals and how they help and serve many returning veterans who have suffered serious wounds and injuries, as well as those veterans suffering from PTSD.

So, at this time, we would like to announce that we will be sponsoring a fundraising effort for veterans and service animals thru the Montana Wounded Warriors. We would like to enlist your help as a sponsor, volunteer, or as a donor and help us enlighten and educate the public as well as to help those veterans in need.

Details need to be finalized at this time, but as they come together, we will make additional announcements to keep you apprised of our progress.

Thank you

As for the woman who caused the uproar, we’ll surely hear her side of the story soon enough…whether we want to or not.

h/t CBS News

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