MSNBC Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell Has Hilarious 8-Minute Meltdown On Camera

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik (Getty).

Depending on how serious you take your news, this may not be as side-splitting as promised in that headline. But if you’re someone who doesn’t particularly care about the high standards of pampered anchormen such as MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, you’re in for a real tweet the likes of which you’ve never seen (unless you’ve seen the video of Bill O’Reilly’s infamously losing it, in which case you basically have).

MSNBC Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell Has On-Camera Meltdown

Context is usually important when it comes to onscreen meltdowns, but in the case of this footage taken of O’Donnell in between breaks during an MSNBC broadcast on August 29th, he kind of explains it as he goes along. Enough chatter, though. It’s hammer time! (you’ll get that reference in a few minutes):

Of course, in the news biz, one must be quick to apologize, especially when they go berserk for no real reason. Here’s what O’Donnell had to say for himself on Twitter following the leak:

Hey, all’s forgiven on this end. Hell, we aren’t even mad in the first place. Appreciate the concern and all, but you don’t need to apologize to us for making a giant asshole of yourself. We rather enjoyed it. Next time, however, might we suggest just closing your eyes and picturing you’re someplace peaceful where irksome construction and control rooms don’t exist? After all, sometimes a fantasy is all you need.

h/t Mediaite

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