ESPN Radio Host Goes On An Epic Rant Over Awful Giants Offensive Line

Photo: Thomas Nycz/NHLI via Getty Images

I think this dude might have had a seizure at the 39-second mark.

Odds are if you’re a New York Giants fan, you’ve lost money this year because they are pig shit awful. Through their first two games, the Giants “offense” has accounted for just one touchdown and 503 total yards, and their rushing “attack” of 48.5 yards per game is by far the worst in the NFL.

Those stats alone make it painfully obvious to Giants fans that their beloved team sucks balls right now, but if you’ve watched both of their games this year, you wouldn’t even need those stats or any kind of analytics to draw up that conclusion. A simple eye test would eventually get you there, and that’s what Don La Greca was trying to get across to his listeners on “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN Radio 98.7 yesterday.

Watch as La Greca, Kay’s co-host, blows a fucking gasket when talking about just how bad the offensive line is this year:

Holy shit balls. I haven’t seen a dude’s face get that red since my grandfather shit his pants in the front pew at Christmas mass.

To be fair, La Greca is right. The Giants offensive line is pure garbage right now. Let’s just hope they get it figured out before this guy has a massive fucking heart attack while he’s talking about it on the air…

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