New York Radio Host Completely Disintegrates Yankees Fan On-Air

Good, Lord. Have mercy. I really, truly believe in my heart that we’ve seen it — the best sports radio roast in the history of mankind.

Kudos to Don La Greca for dropping this atomic bomb of radio mastery.

The YES Network radio host was doing a show with Michael Kay Friday when they took a call from Yankees fan Steve from Brooklyn. Steve complained about the Yankees not pinch hitting for rookie star Aaron Judge (37 HRs) in the ninth inning of a recent game. La Greca’s response?

Here are simply few of my favorite excerpts:

“You’re a clown, Steve. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of you wasting our time on the air with your clown shoe garbage.”

“Get a life. Watch CNN. You could be, God forbid, a person in Barcelona today.”

“Get a life, Steve. Don’t bother my life. Lose the number. You’re banned. You’re not allowed to call anymore.”

“Steve is banned. Life is too short, too important, to waste time on this filthy, human piece of garbage.”

But you simply must, I mean MUST, watch the full interaction below and watch La Greca turn into a talking turnip before your eyes.

New York sports fans, amiright?

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports. 


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