Boston Guy Being Chased By Police Stops By Business To Apply For Job

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So there have been times that a suspect being chased by police has decided to pull over at a McDonald’s drive-thru, and there have been other times where a dude being chased by police has pulled over to apply for a job. Well, we’ve actually heard about the latter just once and it’s what this story is all about.

A 26-year-old man named Jose Jimenez of Lawrence, was being pursued by police for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after he ran over a police officer’s foot while fleeing a traffic stop. So what did this genius decide to do? While being chased, Jimenez abandoned the Toyota Camry he was driving and walked into a Osprey Wireless store. Oh, and he just casually walks in to apply for a job.

Screenshot: Jimenez leaning over the desk/YouTube

General Manager Jeff Moran took Jimenez into his office for an interview, and Moran said he didn’t get any red flags at all.

“I introduce myself. He introduces himself to me,” Moran told WFXT-TV. “Cool as a cucumber. No sweaty hands, clean shirt, pretty well groomed.”

And all of this was happening while police were searching the area.

“I see all these police cars from every direction pulling into the parking lot, scrambling around,” Moran said. “I said, ‘Boy there goes a police dog by the window.’ He goes, ‘Let me see,’ and he gets up, walks to the window.”


Service manager Bryan Carpenter said he had a suspicious feeling about the situation and went out to talk to an officer, who showed him a photo of Jimenez. Carpenter led officers to Jimenez, who was arrested about 8 minutes into his interview.

“They grab him, and he starts to tussle with him,” Moran said. “And the other two [troopers] come in, guns in hand. And they said to him, ‘You didn’t think that we weren’t going find you, did you?'”

Check out the video below to see footage of Jimenez being busted.

How about that completely awkward high-five fail?

Anyway, Jimenez was arrested on charges of assault and battery on a police officer with a dangerous weapon, failure to stop for police, operating a motor vehicle after revocation, operating to endanger and speeding.

No word yet if he got the job or not.

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