This Hermit Crab Used A Doll’s Head As A Shell And Of Course It Looks Terrifying

Photo: RainervonBrandis (Getty)

I don’t have a ton of knowledge on hermit crabs — all I know is that since its abdomen is soft they always go out of their way to find a shell that can protect them against predators. And one hermit crab in particular is called the coconut crab, who while they are among the toughest of crab species, they still need a good shell. And one coconut crab decided to improvise.

Take a look at the tweet below to see what we mean.

Yup, it used an abandoned doll’s head as its home. And I know what you’re thinking because everyone on Twitter was thinking the same thing. That photo reminds everyone of…

Eerie. According to the LADbible, the photo blew up after it was spread on Reddit. One person says the photo comes from a biologist who wanted to highlight the ecological damage that our discarded waste is doing.

“This is actually pretty sad on top of creepy, since things like this is usually a result of a lack of available shells for the crabs, which they need. Don’t collect shells with internal parts from beach areas. Crabs need them,” one person on Reddit said.

Well, let’s now see how Twitter reacted to this photo.

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