‘Baby Werewolf’ Or Goblin? This Creature Is Scaring The Hell Out Of NYC Train Passengers

Photo: Twitter

New York City. The Big Apple. The ‘city that never sleeps.’ It’s a great town with countless opportunities, a giant melting pot of culture and … baby werewolves?

Sure, NYC has some strange laws, but nothing as strange as what one man saw on the train recently.

Twitter user @BootsySlime (what a name) said he was on the train, watched a man sit down, and pull a ‘goblin’ out of his Nike bag.

Here are pictures of the werewolf? goblin? creature in question.

And a video to boot at another location.

Yup. This man is shameless while carrying around his werewolf goblin baby doll. The reactions were predictable.

But what’s even more shocking than seeing a life-lock baby werewolf doll is that it’s not as unique as you think. In fact, it turns out there’s an underground cult following of people who collect and play with the dolls — grown adults who buy and show off their ‘WerePups.’

Photo: @werepups

Yup. It’s 2018. And instead of flying cars or landing on Mars we have WerePups.

You can’t. And I’m forever sorry.

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Josh Helmuth is a contributor for Mandatory who doesn’t believe in werewolves but does believe in Teen Wolf. Give him a follow here if you’re a fan of MJF.