Florida Couple Arrested For Having Sex On The Beach In ‘Front Of Families’

Photo: wihteorchid (Getty)

Another day, another couple who decided to have sex on the beach.

Just like the four teens who were arrested for having sex on the beach while people cheered, a couple was recently put in handcuffs after having sex on a Clearwater beach.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 50-year-old named Jeffrey Kernan and his 26-year girlfriend named Alexandria Rowell were busted having sex “in the middle of families.” Police say that Kernn was “performing oral sex on his girlfriend,” and that in was “in front of families and children.”

The Smoking Gun

While apparently contacted by an officer as they trysted, Kernan and Rowell were, for some unknown reason, not charged with public indecency. Instead, they were each arrested for possession of an open container of alcohol (a 16-ounce can of Four Loko).

Kernan and Rowell were booked into the county jail Sunday evening on the misdemeanor charge. Kernan, a Tampa resident, was released yesterday afternoon upon posting $250 bond. Rowell, who lives in Winter Haven, remains in custody.

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So these idiots were quite lucky that they somehow weren’t charged with exposing their goods to children, but instead for drinking on the beach. And that my friends just proves that even cops in Florida aren’t very bright.

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