And Here’s An Elementary School Teacher Who Was Arrested For Selling Meth And Heroin

Photo: kaarsten (Getty)

So it seems that teachers are getting paid so low these days that some teachers have had to take a side-gig. And for teacher Delicia Gomez that side-gig was selling drugs. Let us explain.

The 36-year-old Gomez, a teacher at a Vallejo private elementary school teacher in California, has been arrested after it was discovered that the woman was dealing heroin and meth. According to KRON 4, authorities arrested Gomez after they arrived at her home in regards to an outstanding warrant stemming from possession and identity theft charges. So clearly this lady is not the best citizen. It seems police had already heard about the teacher dealing drugs so they searched Gomez’ home.

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On Aug. 10, detectives served a search warrant at her apartment in the 1100 block of Marina Drive. There, they recovered methadone, a powerful pain medication commonly sold on the black market, along with a California ID belonging to someone else, detectives said. Gomez was not arrested at the time.

“As they continued their investigation, NSIB detectives recovered additional evidence outlining Gomez’ involvement in drug sales,” authorities said in a press release.

And now handcuffs have been put on Gomez. Oh, but there’s more. While being booked, police then discovered three baggies of what they believe to be heroin. Oh boy.

Gomez is now looking at additional charges of attempting to bring controlled substances into a correctional facility. And I’m going to assume she won’t be teaching any children anytime soon. Just a gut feeling.

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