South Carolina Couple Busted Having Sex On Golf Course

Photo: Deklofenak (Getty)

And here I was thinking golf was boring.

Everyone is having sex in public these days it seems, and since social media is everything people of course hear all about it. It’s just like we heard about the couple who decided to shag on a train platform, and don’t forget about that couple who hooked up at Domino’s. People enjoy public sex. And the couple in this story seem to enjoy having sex on a golf course.

Photo: Facebook/Kiernan Hennessey

Photo: Facebook/Kiernan Hennessey

The couple, 24-year-old Kiernan Hennesse and 19-year-old Dakota Payne were arrested over the weekend for indecent exposure after they were caught having sex in the middle of a golf course fairway at Tega Cay Golf Club. Oh, and it was on hole number eight if you’re curious. Police walked up to quite the scene when they were called.

The Smoking Gun

When a patrolman arrived at the links, he spotted a “male with no shorts on and a female that appeared to only have a bra on.” The woman, the officer reported, “was on her back and the male was laying down with his head between her legs performing oral sex.” The cop instructed the pair “multiple times” to put their clothing back on.

As first reported by the Fort Mill Times, the complaining witness told police that when he first spotted individuals laying down in the fairway, he “thought that someone was possibly having a medical issue.” Those concerns were allayed when the man used a pair of binoculars and “saw the male with his head between the female’s legs.”

Another two witnesses said what they thought was a “deer laying down in the fairway” was actually two people having “doggy-style” intercourse.

Photo: Photo: Facebook/ Dakota Payne

Photo: Photo: Facebook/ Dakota Payne

And according to court records, Hennessey lives in a home adjacent to the fairway. So why wouldn’t she just stay at her house? Not the best decision, lady.

The horny couple is now scheduled for an October 3 appearance in Municipal Court. In conclusion, this is how to make golf fun.

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