Dude Scams Hotel And Racks Up $2,180 Room Service Bill

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I haven’t been on a vacation in ages because I’m usually working away in order to make all you lovely gals and guys happy. I hope you appreciate it, I really do. But there are some people that enjoy going on vacation and staying at hotels. And of course, folks like to talk advantage of the room service even though it’s terribly overpriced. But the guy in this story did not feel like paying a bunch of cash for room service. Let us explain.

According to Refinery29, a man in Hilton Head, South Carolina, somehow snuck into someone’s hotel room at the Sonesta Resort in Hilton Head Island and convinced hotel staff that he was with the room’s previous guest. The man, high on hallucinogenic drugs, then proceeded to go nuts. How so? Well he spent the next three days charging  room service and spa treatments to the folks staying at the room. All in all he scammed $2,180 of free room service from the resort.

Oh, but he was busted eventually.

After being caught, the man told police that he had left a party in Atlanta, where he had done bath salts, meth, and ecstasy. What a party.

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The law in South Carolina defines his crime as a misdemeanor, punishable with a fine of up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail. He’s been charged with obtaining “food, lodging, or other [services], or accommodation at any hotel, motel, inn, boarding, or rooming house, campground, café, or restaurant and intentionally [absconding] without paying for it.”

He also confessed to pulling this scam before, and police found other key cards in his belongings.

Well, at least he had a hell of a weekend before being tossed behind bars.

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