Florida Student Arrested For Sending Teacher Death Threat On Facebook

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty)

We’ve all had a teacher we disliked — whether it’s because you think they had it out for you or because they didn’t want to give you a better grade even though deep down you knew that you were just a garbage student. But I’d like to think that the majority of us wouldn’t go out of our way to send that teacher a death threat. Well, one Florida student did, though.

Desiree Zio, an 18-year-old who attended River Ridge High School in New Port Richey was recently arrested and charged with written threats to kill or do bodily harm. And why’s that? Well Zio reportedly told deputies that she hopped on her mother’s Facebook and sent her teacher a message that stated she was “going to kill her” by going to the teacher’s work and stabbing her with a knife.

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The teacher, who is currently a teacher at a local high school, received the message and it caused her to fear for her life so much she of course contacted police.

Zio is now currently enrolled at Marchman Technical College, but chances are that she could be kicked out according to school district spokeswoman Linda Cobbe.

h/t ABC Action News

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