A Pink Dolphin Was Spotted In Louisiana And Folks Are Mighty Confused

Photo: Jody Watt (Getty).

When I first saw the pink dolphin in the video below, I thought, “Man, Mary Kay has dolphins peddling makeup now?” But according to marine biologist Dagmar Fertl, the dolphin is an albino. This apparently happens sometimes to dolphins and other sea mammals.

The story goes that a woman in Louisiana was boating down a channel with her husband over the weekend when she came across Pinky.” In the video taken by Bridget Boudreaux, it is a little difficult to tell, but when it’s stopped, you can clearly see a totally pink dolphin!

Dolphins Now Come In Pink

Science seems to think Pinky is an albino dolphin, but I have some theories on this as well: Maybe pinky was a white dolphin that someone took to the laundromat and washed with a red sweater. Or maybe it took the flamingo route and became pink by eating too many shrimp. Flamingos start out with grey feathers, dolphins are grey… you do the math. Or another theory is that this dolphin is a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper come to life! See, science, I can come up with theories too!

So next time you see a pink dolphin, give it some sunscreen. But whatever you do, don’t look it in the eyes. Albino’s can control you with their mind if you stare them in the eyes.

Also, the NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, totally need to make Pinky here their mascot when Breast Cancer Awareness Month rolls around. Turns out I wasn’t quite done with those jokes yet.

h/t KFOR.com

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