Teacher Has Drunken Sex With Student In Plane Bathroom During School Trip

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While some teachers hook with their students in a car, physics teacher Eleanor Wilson decided to do it in an airplane bathroom. That’s right, folks.

On a flight back from a school trip, the 28-year-old Bristol school teacher hooked up with a student in the plane’s bathroom after getting trashed. The student who engaged in sex with Wilson admitted to a professional conduct panel that he had unprotected sex with the teacher. But that was not the end of the romp.

Photo: Facebook/Eleanor Wilson

Daily Mail

The teacher continued their relationship, texting and meeting up for drinks despite gossip at the school in Bristol. In September 2015 the head teacher heard rumors about the relationship and quizzed Miss Wilson about them. But she denied any improper behavior and no further action was taken.

But the relationship came to light seven months later after another pupil threatened to reveal the tryst unless Miss Wilson had sex with him. He sent Miss Wilson a series of emails in March 2016, in which he said he knew about her relationship with Pupil A and would inform the school.

These emails were reported to the school and the police. The school launched an investigation and Miss Wilson was dismissed in May 2016.

Photo: Facebook/Eleanor Wilson (Wilson with friend)

So yes, another student was so desperate for sex that he pretty much blackmailed Wilson and the cat was let out of the bag. Wilson has now been banned for life from teaching.

Here’s what Polly O’Malley, chairman of the professional conduct panel, had to say:

“There was evidence that the teacher’s actions were deliberate and continued for a significant length of time despite her understanding that her behavior was inappropriate. There was no evidence to suggest that the teacher was acting under duress.’

These behaviors include serious dishonesty and serious sexual misconduct. The panel has found that Miss Wilson engaged in sexual activity with Pupil A on one occasion, including oral sex and sexual intercourse. Additionally the panel has found that Miss Wilson encouraged Pupil A to hide their relationship and lied about it herself when an investigation into the allegations was undertaken by the school.”

Wilson was reported to police, but at the moment it is not known if further action will be taken against her.

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