Want Free Marijuana? Fill Up A Trash Bag In Maine

Screenshot: via KHOU

Who knew picking up litter could get you high?

If you visit the tiny town of Gardiner (pop: 5,600), you may notice shiny, squeaky clean streets and sidewalks … underneath a cloud of Mary Jane. That’s because a medical marijuana dispensary promised to gift people weed if they brought in a full trash bag of litter.

The response was as expected — dozens of people spennt last Saturday collecting trash all over town to get their free bud.


“Bring us back the full trash bag, and we give them a gift of cannabis,” said Dennis Meehan, owner of Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner…

…How it works: grab a trash bag, fill it with trash from around town, return it to the store, and get your bag of marijuana free of charge.

Meehan says he knows it’s not a great business model to give away free things, but says he’s helping people. “Something that caregivers do all across Maine that very few people know about is that they make huge sacrifices every week to help others live a better quality of life,” he said.

Meehan said they first heard of the idea after a town in Colorado did the same thing — and again, had a great response. The Meehan’s also wanted to combine a day of service with a day of education regarding the “profound” impacts medical marijuana can have on people’s lives.

Now, they want to extend the day of service to the whole state, which may be possible considering a statewide moratorium allowing the sale of recreational marijuana was recently approved, meaning that, yes, ‘gifting’ the cheeba is totally legal.

You can bet this is currently the state of many families in New England right now:

And of course, Meehan made sure his customers were over the age of 21 before giving them their hard-earned ‘prize.’

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports and a contributor to Mandatory. 


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