Residents Freaked Out After Mystery Woman Spends Night Crying Through People’s Mail Slots

Photo: tirc83 (Getty)

So this is a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Several people in a Merseyside neighborhood in England have been left seriously creeped out after a mystery woman spent the night wailing through their door mail slots and pleading for help. None of the people who heard the cries opened the door but they did contact police as they believed this was all a plan to have their house robbed. Many people took it to Facebook to explain the bizarre occurrence.


“Around 2am on Friday morning we heard banging on our door but I was too scared to go down,” one woman on Facebook wrote. “I stopped my boyfriend going down because I was shaking. You just don’t expect it.”

Another person had this to say: “Oh my god, on Saturday morning a woman knocked at 4am and wanted the loo.“She said she was stuck in Liverpool.”

The Sun

A third person also said that she was targeted by the suspect. Mum-of-one Bec Edmunds, who lives in Burnard Crescent, told the Liverpool Echo at around 4.30am someone was knocking at her door and appeared to have opened the back gate.She said: “It’s awful, knowing that this lady came to mine is scary. I feel like she’s going to come back and knowing she went through my back gate is even worse. For this to happen is such a shock as you don’t expect it, I fear for my little boy.”


Merseyside Police have now confirmed that they had reports of various incidents between 3.30am and 5am.

A spokesperson for the police said that a mother reported a woman shouting outside “help me, let me in, I’ve got nowhere to go” but didn’t let her in the house.

OK, now this is seriously creepy and sounds like something that would occur in another one of those awful “Purge” movies.

So far this mystery woman hasn’t been caught.

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