Today’s Funny Photos 7-26-17

What a day for a Wednesday, huh? But if you happen to be reading this on some other day of the week, no worries. What I said didn’t originally make sense anyways. But I can tell you what does make sense: taking a break from whatever you are doing and browsing today’s mixed bag of funny photos. Sure, you won’t laugh at all of them — as is the nature of comedy — but if you don’t laugh at most of them, it’s time to go get your funny bone adjusted. I’m not really sure where you go to get such a procedure performed, though. Chiropractor? Physical therapist? Look, I’m not your doctor, OK. In fact, I’d strongly urge you never to take my advice…well, except when it comes to pictures you should look at.

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Could be worse: Australian Man Keeps Trying To Make A Penis His Official Signature

Thank God it wasn’t this kid’s finger or she may have died: School Worker Caught ‘Snorting White Powder’ Off Student’s Finger In Snapchat Video

Let’s see if any of the pee splashed onto yesterday’s funny photos.


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