Mom Asks Daughter To Fake A Bloody Injury So She Can Leave Work

Photo: Emilie Cote / EyeEm (Getty)

So sometimes you have a dad who doesn’t even know what his daughter looks like during her graduation, and sometimes you have a mom who encourages her daughter to help her get out of work by faking an injury. And the latter is exactly what one Twitter user’s mom did recently.

The Twitter user known as “Young Gunner” decided to show all her followers (and the internet) just how far her mom is willing to go in order to leave a job that by the looks of it she can’t stand. Let’s first take a look at the viral tweet below.

And now here’s a closer look. It all kicked off when her mother sent her a text out of nowhere.

fake cut1

Photo: Twitter

And apparently this girl wanted to do anything to support her mother so of course she obliged and followed up with this text of a photo she found on the internet — a very gross photo.

fake cut2

Photo: Twitter

And that seemed to do the trick.

Photo: Twitter

Of course people chimed in with their opinions on Twitter with some bashing the mom for teaching her daughter all about this while some gave kudos to the mom. But let’s be serious, we don’t need our parents’ help to realize that working blows and sometimes you have to get a little creative to leave your job. Now let’s hope my boss doesn’t read this.

For now, let’s check out some reactions to this from Twitter.

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