The ‘Brosectomy’ Is The Perfect Spa Day For You And Your Bros

happy mature male patient. Photo: sturti (Getty).

Getting a vasectomy can be a stressful experience. I mean, someone is getting at your nutsack and it’s not even a person you’re hooking up with. Seems understandable, then, that only about 10 percent of American males go through this form of birth control.

But don’t worry, boys, because there are medical providers out there that hear your concerns and want to do everything in their power to make the experience as comfortable as possible — for you and the homies.

The ‘Brosectomy’ Is A Perfect Spa Day For You And Your Bros

According to a story published by the Wall Street Journal, more and more men are finding their way to clinics that provide a”brosectomy,” which is basically like a getaway for you and any buddies who want to come along for the snip, snip.

The venues are catering to all the things guys like, including sports, food and all the booze your liver can handle. These efforts are geared to show men that the process doesn’t have to be a giant pain in the ass — or balls — and you can enjoy the experience of someone clamping down to stop your semen.

Here’s a Las Vegas urologist explaining how the ordeal is something to do with your frat bros:

“It’s almost like a fraternity mentality, where one guy says they may do it … All of a sudden [other men] have the energy or courage,” urologist Ernest Sussman told the Journal.

Now guys don’t have to worry about going to get their vas deferens pinched because we’ll be too full of beer and steak to worry about it. Then after it’s all done and you’ve had some time to recover, you and your lady friend can go back home for some worry-free sex. You’d be NUTS not to do it.

h/t Men’s Health

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