This A-Hole Was Sentenced To 16 Years Behind Bars For Killing 21 Cats

Screenshot: ABC7

There are people who don’t like cats and then there is Robert Farmer.

A judge came down hard on a 26-year-old sicko who spent 2015 on a cat-killing spree as he stole them, tortured them and ended up killing 21 of those poor cats. Oh, but there’s more. Farmer also had sex with one of the dead cats.

Farmer, who is the son of a US police captain, was finally busted after he was found asleep in his car with a dead cat, “chunks of feline hair, blood, fur-covered gloves, a hunting knife, and the collars of other pets,” according to The Mercury News.

Farmer was even caught on video trying to lure a cat named GoGo from a front veranda — a cat whose remains have still have not been found.

Screenshot: via The Sun

Farmer was charged with 21 charges of felony animal cruelty.

h/t The Sun

The case took a shocking twist when an Animal Services necropsy report found signs of sexual abuse on the orange female tabby cat inside the car, including dilated genitalia. Lab reports also matched Farmer’s DNA to DNA found under claw clippings.

And now this garbage pail on legs will have 16 years to think about his awful crimes. Here’s hoping he hears nothing but meowing in his nightmares.

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