80-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Rabid Bobcat With Sickle

Screenshot: WBZ

Hey, if a woman can drown a raccoon with her barehands, grandma can take down a bobcat with a sickle. And the latter is exactly what occurred recently in New Hampshire.

An 80-year-old woman named Elsie Dabrowski was on her farm and tending to her chickens recently, when she decided to grab a sickle and get to weeding a nearby rosebush. You know, as you do. Well, that’s the moment a rabid bobcat came out of nowhere and attacked Elise, biting her on her left cheek and leaving lacerations to her arms and her back.


Photo: Gene Dabrowski

Elise’s son Gene, who lives on the property, heard the chaos and ran to his mother with a shotgun where he found poor Elise climbing back onto the porch with a bloodied face. Oh, and the bobcat? Elise fought it off with her sickle, and her dogs were able to chase the bobcat away under the chicken coop.


Photo: Gene Dabrowski

Gene eventually located the rabid cat and shot and killed it. He then proceeded to take his mom to the hospital where according to Gene she got “50 to 60” stitches. As for the dead bobcat? Well…

Via Concord Monitor

State wildlife officials picked up the animal carcass Monday morning to have it tested. Gene wrote in an email that afternoon to say that health officials had already called to confirm it was rabid.

Gene, an experienced trapper, had suspected as much – the bobcat had porcupine quills in its mouth, and healthy cats know to keep away from the prickly rodent.

His mother was at the Manchester VA Medical Center awaiting a rabies shot, he said, and the dogs had already gone in for boosters.

Well, good thing Elise is alright, and RIP crazy bobcat.

h/t Concord Monitor

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