two bobcats fight utility pole

Just Two Bobcats Duking It Out At The Top Of A Utility Pole

a fierce lynx. Photo: Fernando Trabanco Fotografía (Getty)

It’s unknown if an electrical worker left his raw steak sandwich at the top of a utility pole or if a prankster caked it with peanut butter. What is certain is two bobcats in Colorado recently went toe-to-toe for the heavyweight title at the top of the damn thing.

According to UPI, a woman in Fountain, Colorado captured the royal rumble on video last week and sent it to the news team at KOAA for all of us to enjoy. Luckily for both cats, neither of them bit the dust courtesy of a few hundred thousand volts of electricity. One of them was the obvious winner when the battle was over, though.

Congrats to the champ for winning this round, but congrats to the runner-up as well for still having a pulse after falling to the ground. It’s unknown if the two of them are planning a rematch some time this summer, but as long as they don’t go at it in the parking lot at PETA headquarters, the ratings should be through the roof.

She must have been the next opponent: 80-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Rabid Bobcat With Sickle

In a related story, if you’re calling Fountain, Colorado home these days and your wife has what’s known in the biz as a “purse dog,” don’t let it sit outside by itself.


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