Weed Sales And Other Taxes Have Helped Inject $300 Million Into Colorado’s Schools

Photo: Marc Piscotty (Getty)

Unless a clown on the streets of Denver somehow made a baseball bat out of marijuana and used that bat to beat the everliving piss out of your old man, you’re seriously running out of excuses to support the opposition of legalizing weed.

According to The Denver Post, “outdated, sagging schools in the state of Colorado will be receiving a $300 million boost from pot sales and other taxes.”

Take another look at that, kids. That’s $300 million for schools, students and teachers courtesy of Colorado citizens and guests who enjoy getting baked from time to time.

Read this little clip from the Post and try telling us legal weed is harmful and dangerous and has no place in a civilized society:

“Marijuana excise taxes were used for the first time in 2013-14. In that year, more than $3 million was injected into BEST school construction projects. Nearly $24 million was used the next year. By 2015-16, $80 million in marijuana tax revenue was injected into the BEST program. That included a one-time $40 million payment after Colorado voters decided two years ago to keep and spend more than $66 million in excess marijuana sales revenue.

The state says another $40 million was injected into BEST projects in 2016-17 and another $40 million is projected for the next fiscal year.Other sources have fed the BEST program, including spillover from the Colorado Lottery and from the Colorado Land Board. In all, BEST has funded $1.2 billion for high-need construction projects since 2009.”

Specifically in Deer Trail, an outdated school where kids can’t use the pool, “students in wheelchairs must be hoisted up ill-equipped stairs and into narrow bathrooms” and the coach’s locker room can’t be used because it’s literally being overrun by leaking shit, well, they’re getting a a $34 million preK-12 campus built thanks to taxes on legal pot.

That’s great news for Deer Trail and a state whose schools need nearly $18 billion in capital construction. It’s also great news for those first-time tokers who still think they’re doing something wrong, as the fact that thousands of schoolchildren in Colorado will benefit every time they smother their toast with tainted peanut butter should help clear their consciences.

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