Michigan Man Tries To Kill Bees With Fireworks But Burns Down His Garage Instead

Photo: sunara (Getty)

It might seem like a stupid idea on paper, but when Mike Tingley actually put his plan of getting rid of bees in his garage by lighting off fireworks into action, well yeah, it still turned out to be pretty fucking stupid.

According to WWMT, Tingley thought the best way to remove the bees from a nest in his garage Monday was by lighting a smoke bomb. I mean, sure, the bees are now gone, but so is his garage because it burned to the ground.

Fire crews reporting to the blaze at Tingley’s home in Grand Blanc Township said they saw fireworks shooting into the sky from the burning garage as they got closer the scene. Nobody was injured or killed as a result of Tingley’s idiocy, and according to Tingley, the fact that everyone is safe is the “main thing.”

Of course we beg to differ, as the main thing to take away from this is that if you don’t do something as asinine as using fireworks to get rid of bees in your garage instead of picking up a $6 can of Raid at your local hardware store, you’ll never have to worry about everyone’s safety.

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