Pauline Hanson Inserted Into ‘Summer Heights High’ Is Horrifyingly Perfect

One Nation leader and former fish n’ chip shop owner Pauline Hanson is used to being parodied in the media, but she’s not quite as used to being inserted into Chris Lilley creations for comedic effect. At least, until now.

YouTuber Ace Alderman — who was behind that Tony Abbott & Eminem mashup and that Canberra & House Of Cards mashup — has returned with his latest creation, dubbed Hanson Heights High.

A take-off of Lilley’s hit series Summer Heights High, the segment sees the show’s protagonist Jonah Takalua intentionally being “racist to rangas” while Hanson explains why she didn’t “fit in” at mainstream schools.

The best bit, though, is when Jonah calls Hanson a “racist bitch”.

Watch Hanson Heights High in full, below.