Aussie Street Artist Lushsux Unveils Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Kissing Mural

Just when it was looking as though Melbourne had just about all the murals a city can have, street artist Lushsux has once again fired up the ol’ socials, posting yet another topical artwork, this time referencing the contentious relationship between US Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Lushsux’s latest piece (below) shows Clinton and Trump making out, and it’s appeared on the streets of Cremorne on the day of the 2016 US election, taking inspiration from other similar murals of political figures kissing.

Those who have been paying attention will be familiar with similar works from Lushsux, including tributes to Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and our own Pauline Hanson.

Should anyone be confused by the Lushsux’s motives, he has announced a secret show involving his latest artwork, instructing followers that only those who “pay for privilege” or purchase a print of the latest mural are invited.

Catch images of his new mural, below.