Florida Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Penis And Now Might Go To Jail

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Nothing like adding insult to injury.

We sure love kicking off the week with another gem from Florida, and this one comes to us from Jacksonville and it involves a man who accidentally shot himself in the penis.

It all kicked off when a 38-year-old man sat on a gun in the driver’s seat of his car. And what happened? Well, the gun went off and shot the man right in the penis. Bullseye. The man quickly ran into his girlfriend’s house and straight into bathroom where he was gushing blood everywhere. As one does when they are shot in the penis.


The man’s girlfriend rushed him to Memorial Hospital where he underwent surgery to save his penis. But as if almost losing your penis wasn’t enough of a nightmare — police found that the man was actually convicted of cocaine possession back in 2004.

So guess what? This dude may be facing charges for possessing a firearm, because he is a convicted felon, and he may be headed for a little trip down to jail. So not only will he need help taking a whiz for a few weeks, but he may have to ask his cellmate to assist him.

Tough week for this dude.

h/t News4Jax

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