Substitute Teacher Arrested For Hooking Up With Teen ‘Multiple Times In Car’

Photo: Twitter/Loryn Barclay

It’s a new week so of course there’s a new story of a teacher crossing the line with a student. And this time around it comes to us from way out in Missouri.

A 24-year-old substitute teacher named Loryn Barclay was arrested after she actually admitted that she had oral sex with a 17-year-old multiple times in his car. Barclay also admitted she had sex with the unidentified teen at his home. All this occurring while Barclay worked as a sub at Monett High School from November 2016 to January 2017.

bad teacher3

Photo: Twitter/Loryn Barclay

These incidents only came to light after Jay Jastal, a Monett City Police Officer, who works at the high school was tipped off. Jastal says that the student was the first to confirm the sexual relationship with the teacher, with Barclay admitting it just a day later. Well that was fast.

Of course Barclay was quickly given the boot once everything was discovered.

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“When we became aware of potential involvement with a student, we followed all procedures” Monett Superintendent Brad Hanson said. “We had a conversation with her and she was not employed from then on … We dealt with it swiftly … and now, we’ll let the legal side do it’s work.”

Barclay was charged with six counts of sexual contact with the student in two counties. Her next court appearance is now set for July 24. Oh, and Barclay has since deleted her Instagram and Facebook pages after she was busted. Which isn’t a surprise.

h/t NY Post

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